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Welcome to the Louise Damas online sales site. When you make a purchase on our platform, you automatically accept our terms and conditions of sale. Therefore, we recommend that you read the informations below carefully before ordering.

  • The present general sales conditions are finalized between SASU Louise Damas, immatriculated under SIRET number 83341183800018, hereafter designated the “vendor” and any natural or legal persons wishing to purchase from the louisedamas.fr internet site, hereafter designated the “buyer”.

    The purchase of goods from the louisedamas.fr site implies the buyer’s acceptation, without reservations, of the present sales conditions.

    These sales conditions prevail over all other general or specific conditions not expressly agreed upon by the vendor.

    The vendor reserves the right to be able to modify these sales conditions at any time. In that case, the conditions applicable will be those in effect on the date the buyer places his order.

  • The products proposed are those on the louisedamas.fr site. Each product is accompanied by a description and photographs that are as accurate as possible but which cannot assure a perfect similarity with the product offered. Given that all the jewelry is made by hand, each piece is unique. Every piece of jewelry is made entirely in our Paris workshop.

  • The prices indicated on the louisedamas.fr site are in euros and include V.A.T. They do not include shipping costs which will be billed in addition to the articles purchases. Shipping costs will be indicated before the buyer places the order.

    The vendor reserves the right to modify its prices at any time. However, the company agrees to billing merchandise ordered at the price indicated when the order has been recorded.

  • The information given by the buyer when he places the order means that he commits himself to the purchase.

    In case of error in writing the recipient’s address, the vendor will not be held responsible for the impossibility of being able to deliver the product.

    Orders will only be final when they have been confirmed by the buyer having paid the indicated price. 

    Any parcel which would be in the impossibility of being delivered and returned to the sender will be given in distribution to the expenses of the customer.

    Once the order is validated, the recipient agrees to pay the customs duties and any taxes related to the receipt of the package.

    In case of refusal of payment of customs duties by the recipient, the sender will not be able to ensure the repatriation of the parcel for a refund of the order.

  • In application of article L.121-20-12 of the French consumer code, the buyer has fourteen days to return, at his expense, the articles not suited to him for reimbursement. This short period begins the day the order has been validated. Any return must be previously indicated by mail to hello@louisedamas.fr accompanied by a reason for the return. This revocation right will be applied without penalties except for the cost of sending and returning the merchandise. The articles must be sent back, in perfect condition, in their original packaging. Otherwise the products will not be reimbursed, taken back or exchanged.

  • The buyer makes his payment by Stripe that allows for a secure payment by debit card.

  • Delivery is done by Colissimo after signature.

    Delivery time is estimated between 1 and 7 working days after the payment is received.

    Any reasonable delay in shipping the products will not give the buyer the opportunity to request damages or cancel the order.

    Is there any express delivery available?

    A courier delivery is available for the Paris intramuros area.

    The courier delivery will be made on the very day when the order is made before midday (only on a working day). A 3h time slot (between 9am and 6pm) will be arranged by phone. All the useful in person delivery information should be given: address, door code, building n°, apartement n°, etc.  


  • The vendor cannot be held responsible if the non-execution or lateness in executing one of his obligations described in the present general sales conditions is the result of a force majeure.

    Force majeure in this case means any exterior, unpredictable or incontrollable event in the sense of article 1148 of the French Civil Code.

    The vendor’s responsibility can also not be questioned in the case of perturbations due to a total or partial postal strike.

  • All elements on the louisedamas.fr site are and remain the intellectual and exclusive property of the vendor. No person is authorized to reproduce, exploit, rediffuse or use elements from the site for any reason, even partially.

  • The vendor will store the order forms on a reliable, sustainable support constituting an exact copy that conforms with the provisions of article 1348 of the French Civil Code. The vendor’s computerized registers will be considered by both parties as proof of communications, orders, payments and transactions that have taken place between the vendor and the buyer.


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Add to my order Summary Following our email conversation, here is a summary of your request before payment: Service Modify Free Accept From To Email Address Zipcode City Country Date Message Firstname Firstname Email address zipcode city country dd/mm/YYYY Des mots doux ou passionnés, une citation empruntée ou une création que vous signez : la parole est à vous ! Preview All jewels New edition Taxes Download invoice First line Second line Third line Typography First line Second line Third line handwriting sticks Le dîner par Louise Damas Stories to wear at your neck, finger or wrist An eye in vintage, a foot in the future Louise Damas, or when a self-taught designer is convinced that nothing is impossible. That a jewel from today can remind us of the one that we loved yesterday and be part of our story. All our creations are unique, entirely handmade in Paris, respecting the savoir-faire and the planet. Discover our story Timeless jewels Trends come and go, whereas at Louise Damas our jewels are considered today to make the one you were yesterday happy and surprise the one you’ll be tomorrow. Our collections An ode to feminity and the 1001 women that we are. Our jewels are entirely handmade, and are the fruit of a meticulous savoir-faire, from the custom-made mold to the gilding. The inspiration is everywhere, in a button’s reflection, the character’s strength of a novel heroine or the gait of a woman encountered in the street. Sneak in backstage A jewel that makes light of the rules and that we become attached to. Jewels that have stories to tell and also tell the ones of the women wearing them. Our wish is simple. Propose unique creations to you, jewels from today, that have the charm of the ones from yesterday and that we can all get attached to. The brand Our customizable jewels Because wearing a jewel is wearing your story, we propose to customize your favorite medals and jewels. You will be able to engrave your most beautiful memories, a billet-doux, a date, initials or a first name, your turn now to write your own story. Discover Découvrir Discover our jewels Discover our jewels I customize my jewel https://www.louisedamas.fr/en/le-diner-by-louise-damas https://www.louisedamas.fr/en/behind-the-scenes-of-creation https://www.louisedamas.fr/en/our-customizable-jewels Jo - Large pendant necklace A little book to write your own story Augustine - Bracelet The delicacy and fineness to wear everyday Denise - Hoop earrings The vintage charm that we never get tired of Suzanne - Hoop earrings The immediate and effortless elegance Le dîner Par Louise Damas Trends come and go, whereas at Louise Damas our jewels are considered today to make the one you were yesterday happy and surprise the one you’ll be tomorrow. Collection Getting attached to a jewel Because it has been offered to us by a loved one, because it tells a little bit of our story, because it has been handmade, in Paris or because it’s our first gift, from us to us. Nothing has more value than a jewel that we get attached to. And we always keep this in mind when we create our collections. Discover our jewels Taking up to a challenge The one to create accessible jewels, in respectful conditions, and that you will always want to wear. The one to push the limits of creation to bring our wishes to life. The one to shake the established principles up, to produce better but less. The one to create jewels that have a story and that will tell yours. https://www.louisedamas.fr/en/behind-the-scenes-of-creation Sneak in backstage Jewels essentially vintage, firmly modern, that we can all get attached to Louise tells you a story Écouter Read Elles s'attachent à nos bijoux Our three pillars at the heart of the making of each one of our pieces: - All our jewels are in tin or brass, gilded with 24k gold. A pure gold that, unlike 18k gold, is not blended with other metals.

- Our materials are all sourced in Europe and don’t contain lead, nickel or cadmium, controversial allergens for their impact on health.

- Finally, to protect the gilding from the time passing and to allow you to enjoy your jewels as much as possible, we all plunge them in a protective varnish bath. Behind the scenes of creation From the very first idea, the one that keeps Louise awake late at night, the one that fills her with enthusiasm and makes her dream, to the first models, through the casting, polishing and gilding, we unveil everything behind the scenes of our jewels’ creation. The love of savoir-faire and the respect of the handmade techniques have always been at the heart of our creation ; discover today all the meticulousness and all the creativity hidden behind your favorite pieces. All the steps your jewels go through Our 3 commitments for jewels that last Shake the codes up while respecting the savoir-faire Produce better but less. To protect the wealths that the planet gives us, we produce each collection in a limited quantity and work with a workshop that recycles its wastewater and raw materials. We also make all our pieces in Paris by using only clean materials to protect the ones who work in our workshops and the ones who wear our jewels. Make choices, and stick to them. Ours, it’s making jeweler’s craft at an affordable price but intransigent regarding quality. We stretch everyday the limits of our creativity to make this savoir-faire accessible. Knowing how to play and make light of trends A jewel that lasts is a timeless jewel. A jewel that we will enjoy wearing and wearing again, even years after. A jewel that you will buy in Winter and will enjoy wearing in Summer. The Louise Damas jewel, you could have stolen it to your mother yesterday, and yet, it seems that it has been made for you, today. You first Ladies First ! Our jewels are made to be worn. To dance with you all night long, to go along with your first date or your school outings. We consider each one of our pieces by imagining the women that they will enhance ; our biggest source of inspiration? It’s you. Gilding and materials It’s not always easy to get your bearings, let us explain everything about the technique and the materials that we use at the workshop. We are convinced about it, a jewel that last, a quality jewel, it’s first and foremost carefully selected materials. The earrings We have the conviction that a jewel has no “due date”. This is why you can find on our website the latest collection straight out of the workshop but also the one created a few years ago and that we continue to love. Timeless jewels Jewels designed to beautify and enhance the one who wears them, but never hiding her. Refined, bold or delicate pieces that every woman can appropriate. The necklaces The bracelets The rings The accessories Our tiny maintenance guide Download the guide Our repair and regilding service Contact us The essential guide to bring to your jewels the care they deserve.

Simple and efficient. Your jewel has lost its radiance?

Don’t panic, our regilding and repair services are here for you. https://www.louisedamas.fr/en/11-accessories https://www.louisedamas.fr/en/12-rings https://www.louisedamas.fr/en/14-bracelets https://www.louisedamas.fr/en/13-earrings https://www.louisedamas.fr/en/15-necklaces The birth of an idea At the beginning there was only one idea.

Shy and fleeting, it was born in the course of a stroll in Paris, reading through a captivating novel or by observing old family photos. This idea, Louise will cherish it. She scribbles it on the edge of a table, imagines it at the wrists or ears of the ones she sees in the street to finally sketch it, black on white, in her notebook.

This first sketch is shown to her model maker. Together, they develop a 3D technical drawing. Louise can then, for the first time, have a look at her future jewel from every angle. The model Once the technical drawing is approved, the model maker is going to create, by hand, a first model. A real work of art, he carves meticulously the jewel in a block of wax.

This model is then shown to Louise. It is a crucial moment. If the lines of the jewel are not perfect, and only one detail has to be changed, then he will have to start all over again. The creation of a unique mold Once the model is approved, it then serves as an imprint for the mold creation. The mould maker (yes, it’s a real job!) creates several molds that will serve to produce each one of the collection’s pieces.

Molten tin (almost 662°F!) is then poured in each one of the imprints. Once the mold is cooled down, the unmolding and cutting of the pieces is handmade.

PS: in our workshop, nothing is lost, everything is transformed, the tin scraps left are re-melted down and reused. The filing and polishing Thanks to the filing and polishing, we then get rid of all the little imperfections that all the created pieces can have.

Each one of them is first filed and then polished by hand with sandpaper. The pieces are finally plunged in vats full of ceramics pieces, that, thanks to a mechanical rotation motion, are polished as wished. The weld For the jewels that need it, a weld assembles manually the different elements between them by welding with a welding torch. A step technical and meticulous at the same time. The gilding Finally, our jewels are ready to wear their pretty golden dress, a 24k gilding please! To do this, each piece is hung by hand and at regular intervals on a metallic shelf that is then plunged in baths.

Once again, precision is advised: the pieces definitely can’t touch each other. In the bath, the magic of electrolysis comes into play and our jewels come out as golden as can be. To protect their gilding and to make it last in time, the pieces are then covered with a protective varnish layer. The enameling In some collections, Madeleine, Henriette or Jo, our jewels are enameled with a touch of colour that gives them all their character. This step is once again made by hand. We apply the colour with a needle, this gesture requires an extreme dexterity and fineness. The assembly Finally, we are almost there.

Just one more step, and not the least. All our jewels are assembled by hand. We cut the chains to the desired length, we put the rings and the clasps, in short, we put the final touches to these jewels that, a few months before, were born in Louise’s mind. Jewels party https://www.louisedamas.fr/en/jewels-party Contact us Little Creation Stories Sneak in backstage Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Card holder name https://www.louisedamas.fr/en/the-iconics https://www.louisedamas.fr/en/the-brand The iconics As a gift https://www.louisedamas.fr/en/as-a-gift Free shipping in Metropolitan France, from 150€ of purchase via Colissimo. Secure paymentby credit card
(Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, JCB, etc.) Returns within 15 days Add a little bit of gold in your emails Join the #bellesheroines Thank you! A confirmation email has been sent. to keep taking care of our jewels Because we know that women carry out spontaneous lives, intrepid, full of adventure, Louise Damas proposes a repair and regilding service just in case: a dog would fall a in love a bit too much with a necklace, a bracelet would have accidentally been stuck in a door handle or when we forget to take off our ring after a summer lounging in the swimming pool (oops). Our jewels are also made to live with each person and accompany every woman, so it’s our duty to help enjoy them as long as possible. Accept all Deny all Configure Privacy policy Cookies management Our commitments Last chance Subscribe Get the look The main character of an adventure where a woman showed exceptional virtues, a heroine with different ways to define herself. But with us, there's no need to choose: YOU are our beautiful heroines for the everyday! #BellesHeroines Découvrez les pièces préférées de nos héroïnes du quotidien en cliquant sur leur photo ! Remove this customization New New Discover the brand https://www.louisedamas.fr/en/repairs-and-regilding Repair and regilding service Help About us Per unit